Design and UX feedback on Random Quote

Design and UX feedback on Random Quote
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Hey guys, long time no see, how is going??

I’ve just finished my random quote and It would be nice if you gave me a feedback about the experience and design. :slight_smile:

Keep Coding!


Very stylish! I can’t fault it. I would be happy to work with you anytime! :+1:
One of my favourites. :sparkles:
By the way, I love your Tic-Tac-Toe. Sort of what I was trying for with mine:


My favorite random quote generator so far!


Thanks, guys, it’s really nice and motivates me this kind of feedback.

Johnny, maybe we can work together any time :wink: The only thing missing on the tic-tac-toe is the AI code for vs PC and I’m gonna learn with your code.

CurtisJCamp it’s nice to read something like this, thank you.


Woah! I can’t stop clicking it! LOL.

So pretty and very fast, even with rapid tapping on my phone.


mebbe it’s my browser, but longer quotes overflow the cards?

very kewl idea tho :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s because it was set with em, not px, gonna fix it.

Thanks for your feedback :smiley:


Maybe it’s because I kind cheated hahaha As my propose was to the user feels like changing card my code take 100 quotes on the loading and with this it can be fast. :slight_smile: Thank you for feedback.