Finally, I'm now working! A thanks to all

Finally, I'm now working! A thanks to all


Hey everyone, I’ve started my journey through the front-end way in February, since then, my major problem was: Would I be able to get a job?

TL;DR: Keep here helping Campers and giving them feedback, you may don’t know, but this is very important to them, allows to continue. Thank you!!!

8 months later, 10 beautiful projects (I guess :blush:) on my Portfolio, a lot of studies, react, redux, npm, pure js, pure CSS and a lot of tools I decided to try, I sent 3 email to 3 companies, 2 feedbacks, I choose 1 and now I’m working remotely for a startup.

I have to thank you guys a lot, my first project was a Weather App, I was nothing, understanding nothing, with a lot of doubts, and the weather App was done as my worst project and with no feedbacks.

Then I was determined to try to be the best. My first cool project was the Quote Project. It was the first one I’ve posted here that you guys gave me good feedback and reported issues. I knew that you guys were worrying about every project here, from giving a simple “It’s cool” or “Could be better” to “Hey, you have this error and this, and you could do this to be better”. Every feedback gives power to the OP keep doing. With those, I decided to try to help FCC’s guy.

Helping other was great, I spent some time write some explanations such as
Right margin does not work and
How to make my logo and nav bar completely inline?

And I found that help is nice to learn!!!

Well, I here to say, thank you a lot, you helped me that I helped you and this just increase me as a person and as a developer. Please, Campers, keep on that way, I know the difference that you make and I want to spend more time here know, helping people to see and get what I’ve got, the power to continue.

Thanks again guys

See ya and keep coding.


We started around similar time. I’m hoping to start applying as soon as I’m done with few projects as well. Thanks for the inspiration