Design Software Suggestions


I am a career and technical teacher for programming and web design. I was going to purchase the adobe suite for my shop so students could use Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, maybe dreamweaver, and some others. It appears Adobe now wants $30 per user per months. So if I have 30 students, its essentially $11,000 a year. This is insane.

I am looking for some solid alternatives, please. I think the main one I need an alternative for would be Adobe XD with code export available. Doesn’t need to be free, but I need to be able to have 20 machines with 30 users able to access these tools for something “reasonable”. I have about $1000 per year for my design tool software.

Anyway, thanks!

Affinity products are very good, and they offer education options, you need to contact them for quotes though

Figma offer free Pro Licenses for students on degree/diploma courses. If that doesn’t apply, it’s about the same as Adobe, unfortunately.

Sketch offers 50% discount for education licences, but it’s Mac-only so may not be applicable (I assume this is via Apple, which does pretty good education packages/discounts in general)


Thanks for the suggestions! I was just reading about Figma, do you know if it allows for export of code with the free pro licences?


Yes, I think that’s not an issue at all, it’s either just a thing you get out of the box, or it’s just a case of adding the plugin – I never took advantage of it when I was using Figma, so I’m a bit sketchy on the details, someone else would probably be able to provide a bit more information. As an aside, I think if that’s a required feature, then ignore Affinity as it doesn’t do that (afaik…)

The basic InVision Studio is free with one cloud prototype. (otherwise it’s a regular app with unlimited local projects/files)

Their educational program says that students and faculty get free upgrades on their accounts. (in tiny font) Don’t know what exactly is included …

This is the site for their code handoff feature: