FREE&POPULAR UI design programs on Windows 7 ? | NEED SUGGESTIONS PLEASE


I was on google and youtube searching for free and popular UI design programs on Windows 7 suggestions of UI design programs so that I could get into web/UI design because at first I wanted to become a frontend developper only and then I ackknowledged that Frontend has to go with UI/web designer to make GOOD LOOKING and WELL CODED websites.

The reason I want it to be popular is so that I can find tutorials on it and pick it up quickly and eventually become good at designing before coding with pratice.

So I tried Figma for a while and really, it is decent but I don’t want to stick with it unless I try other things first.
Then, I wanted Adobe XD but apparently it is Win10 only, not quite sure…
Finally, I wanted Sketch but it is only on MAC… And I still hope I’m wrong about that.

In conclusion, all the popular options that I heard of were out of the list.
This is why I am here, I want to hear you guys out! Please help me! Tell me about the one that are popular and free that I could use to design my UI/webpages before coding them.

Thank you for your time,
-Tech! :smiley: