Designing AI for Moderation

Hello! I am completely new to coding and have just stated with responsive web design course (as it was suggested to start from there by the website). My motive to learn coding is to build a moderation tool for content regulation. But I have no idea how to get started. I know some level of HTML5 (completely new) and some words like Python, Open AI, Tensor flow.

*To build a content moderation tool which can be used anywhere by anyone.


  1. I don’t know from where to start.
  2. What set of skills do I need to learn (like do I need to learn all the languages PHP, C, C++ , Java, Python)

And last but not the least please don’t tell me how difficult it is or impossible it is but tell me how can I do it, what I need to learn to do it, or even give ideas.

Thank You

I realize that you don’t want to hear these exact words, but this is hard.

Especially this part.

I would start by scoping down your project and then slowly expanding out to your big picture goal.

So, pick a platform. Do you want a Discord moderation tool? A forum moderation tool? Something else? Pick on specific (small) scope to start out.

What are the minimum set of requirements for this tool? What are the basic functions you need it to accomplish?

The answers to these questions will help narrow your scope to something that is manageable by a learner.

You probably will end up using Python, but the exact platform you are working with at first will drive what other technologies you need to learn.


Thank you for your reply.

I am doing this.
As I am starting to dig more deep into this I did found API for this i.e. Perspective API
But this seems like shortcut (it seems like it) and I don’t want to do it if that is the case. I also found tutorial about this on freecodecamp’s YouTube channel “Code a Discord Bot with Python” but I just don’t understand any of this it is too overwhelming.

should I start right from basics and first learn Python? or should I stick with completing 3000 hour course? by freecodecamp.

You ignored the majority of my last post. I need more information to be able to give you advice.

It sounds like maybe you are interested in restricting your scope to a Discord bot? My understanding is that Discord’s Javascript API is better, though Python is the usual language for AI tools written by non-experts (more machine learning than AI in this use case perhaps).

But you need programming fundamentals first. The fCC Javascript course is a good place to start for that.

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Without any basic knowledge of Python that tutorial won’t make any sense to you.

I would suggest learning the basics first


My apologies!
It’s just that all I know is what I want to do. Your questions are completely valid actually accurate. But I just don’t know. I am completely new to this coding world. After reading your question I do realize I must first learn coding and then think of making anything.

So that is what I will do.
Thank you so much for your guidance
P.S. my intention is to build a universal moderation tool to help.

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I’d definitely start with the fundamentals first then. Learning foundational knowledge will help you refine your scope so that this project is tractable. With something like this, start with the basics and then build towards a small goal that you can expand.

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Thank you I will start from here.

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