Hello everyone
I know that free Code Camp is regarding java script and front end development .But my question is very general . I hope you all agree that there is difference between coding and programming(implement codes).
I learnt python from various resources and i do have a descent idea of syntax .But when i start building my personal projects i cannot implement concepts . I am pretty sure that this is regarding all programming languages.I look for python exercises but doesn’t seems to so much helpful .Can any one advise me how to deal with it and how to become expertise on language .

Does everyone is busy in work ?

You’ve crammed too much information, you’re paralyzed!

For new information to be absorbed it needs to be relevant. That means you have to get your hands dirty! Start small and at each point you get stack check your resources. You’ll be surprised at the rate you’ll be learning.

Don’t be the wannabe boxer who has watched all of Tyson’s figths but hasn’t thrown a punch. Get in the ring and start practicing!