Difference between web development and web application development

Hey coders, so what is the difference between these two (web application development and web development ) , is there any difference

Not really. You could say that web application development is a subset of web development, but most web development isn’t static web pages these days.

Web development is any development for the web, which can range from developing massive complex corporate apps with multiple front ends and distributed service-oriented backends, to something as simple as tweaking the colors and spacing in a Wordpress theme. The latter isn’t something most people would call “app development”.

so like web development in incorporates web application development ???..
i mean i could develop an online shopping web application , i will have to use technologies like html css and the rest that is still web development right

If it’s development, and it uses the web, it’s web development. Which is probably most development these days, most certainly the case at entry level.