Directory of Best Courses on Udemy, Team Treehouse, Lynda, Front-End Masters, Pluralsight etc?

I know FreeCodeCamp provides you free information for become a web developer, but what are the best paid for courses available for each language/aspect of web development?
For the subscription sites like Lynda and Team Treehouse etc, what are the best courses on those sites to make the most of the monthly payments?

Is there a way there could be a community sticky/faq with all these recommendations?


I agree there should be a sticky.

That said, Lynda has some great learning paths (curated collections of individual courses on a certain topic). I’ve done the Front-End path and recommend it highly.

On Udemy, these are the best courses that I’ve done so far (some of them are even free!):


I’ve been subscribe to treehouse, lynda and pluralsight. I would say pluralsight and lynda is quite good and covering topic on deeper level. Treehouse is more for beginner. And there is a lot of front-end master course on lynda. If i need to choose 1 i would go for lynda. Their react.js course is really good.

Ganna do another udemy shopping spree at some point :wink:

That’s good to hear. I’m sure i’ll be using them when I’m better and need to study deeper.

Hi everyone, Lynda is completely free if you have a Seattle library card, I don’t know about any other cities but maybe it will be a good idea to check with your city library.

I tried a couple and found the first udemy one mentioned to be useful too! is my secondary source and find it to be good too.
I got the Udemy courses when on sale, and is free with a Toronto library card :slight_smile: