Lynda vs Udemy >>> which is the best

Does any of you have experience Lynda and Udemy, which is the best between them for learning web development specifically MERN?

they are both platforms with many courses. It depends on the course.

I don’t know what Lynda is but I’ve finished couple of courses on Udemy so in my opinion the best is

I learned more about React by building 5 projects in Front End section of curriculum than by going through 50hrs long video course on Udemy.


For example:

What’s better to take it or rely on Lynda?

I would suggest first free material, like freeCodeCamp, or also freeCodeCamp youtube channel

I first started with FCC, but I found it difficult to understand as the courses progressed.

Hi @YaserHamame01!

For me that is what I like about FCC. I tried udemy courses but it didn’t work for my learning style because I just felt like I was coding along to much.

Yes FCC is tough at times, but it forces you to grow more and research more when you get stuck.

In fact, I always felt distracted by too many options and from the start I wanted to follow up with FCC.

That is the typical beginners dilemma. There is so much to choose from.

My advice would be to learn the basics from one source (udemy, FCC, youtube, etc) and then go build projects.

Building projects is where you will learn the most. I learn alot by doing the FCC final certification projects at the end.

Unfortunately from the abundance of options, every time I still took the basics of each option …

And every period my growth stops due to a loss in thinking about choosing to pursue …

I wouldn’t overthink it.

I would try to avoid taking multiple courses on the same topic.

At the end of the day, it is the same information just presented in slightly different ways.

I would suggest making small little projects for yourself to help with the learning process.

For example, if you are struggling with flexbox or grid, you can build a small image gallery.

You don’t have to host it or anything, Just build it for your self.

Google alot and experiment with the code. Don’t be afraid to break the code while you are experimenting. You will learn a lot more experimenting after learning the basics then leaping from tutorial to tutorial.


I’ve finished this course and I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re going to build one huge project, first with Class based components, then refactor it with Redux and then refactor it with Hooks, so basically you’re just coding along.
The whole course has 30 sections and only 6 exercises…

Well the courses you’ve linked are about different things so you have to decide what you want to learn? React or Node, Express, etc?

Finally, even if you decide to take one of the Udemy courses just please don’t pay €79.99 for it. Every few days there is a discount so I’ve never paid more than €13-14

Sorry, I didn’t understand where the problem was if it’s one big project. Really, I want to be convinced that FCC is the best way to go …

That’s just my opinion about the course. I didn’t like it and I had to force myself to go through it to the end. It just didn’t work for me BUT it might as well work for you :slight_smile:

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if you code along, you learn to code along, not to build things. The fcc projects instead ask you to build something on your own which is the real learning experience

you can use whatever you want to expose yourself to the concepts, a codealong course can work for that, but you actually start learning them only once you put them to practice

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I really want to be with you, but too much choice has ruined me, I want to convince myself why I chose FCC.

I notice that the projects in the FCC do not provide how to build the project …

it seems you are finding excuses to not start.

you will never be able to learn everything from one single source

you could even find a 5h video on react, and after watching it try to complete the fcc projects, a lot of work but will be worth it.
Whatever course you use I really suggest you then complete the projects.

because you need to do the projects yourself. that’s why you learn a lot.

the challenges teach some react