Disclaim certification

i have accidentally claimed my certificate. i have no idea how this works .
Is there any way to disclaim the certification??

Why do you wanna disclaim your certification

I haven’t completed all 5 projects.

Are you sure you can’t get certification without completing all 5 projects

I think I found a glitch. I have completed the tribute page and survey page. It says I have completed the challenge. But when I check it again it is empty. So I tried giving the same link for all the projects and it accepted it.

So, is there any way I can undo all the mess l have created!

if you have just submitted all the links, and nothing else, you have not claimed your certification.
You can resubmit all links to the projects.

To claim the certificate you need to agree to the Academic Honesty Pledge, and then claim the certificate in the settings.

Yeah… I think i agreed to the pledge too.
There is no option of “claim certification”.
It says “show certificate”.

the only thing you can do, if that’s what you want, is to reset your account. note that the only mandatory thing is doing the projects, so you can just add the projects without doing all the challenges

Ok, thanks for the help.