Do certification checks expire?

About a year ago I went through all the responsive web design curriculum and completed 2 projects (got stuck in the third with some flexbox and that’s where I ended up stopping). I also went through a few other javascript and front end libraries courses, however when I logged in again they were all unchecked as well as those projects I completed.

This isn’t a problem in itself since I still have the projects in codepen, but I wanted to know if the courses you go through expire after some time.

no, they shouldn’t expire. are you sure it’s the same account?


Thanks for your reply.

I am not sure it’s the same account but I tried signing in with GitHub and with the email account I have for this forum, and in both cases it was blank.

I have tried with other e-mail addresses but no luck. It is entirely possible that it was another account, though. However since it lets me do the projects without going through all the courses I suppose it won’t matter. I will just start the others since the beginning.

Thanks anyway!

If you go to your Settings page and scroll down to “Legacy Certifications” do you see anything there?

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