Do coding get too tough?

I am feeling little discourage . I am not so much productive in learning code . I have a passion for coding .But as i cannot get expected results and many times i stuck in algorithms i seriously get fired. Do every one face difficulty at this stage or i am alone facing this thing . The logic which i can easily pen down to paper the same logic i cannot put into code . Please share your thoughts .

Yes. Learning to program is hard. Programming is hard.

It’s rewarding and enjoyable, but it’s hard.


I just explained to another coder attempting to try out the algorithms on paper that you need to be careful not to mistake how your brain solves problems with how you need to translate the logic into a computer language.

Try to take it slow, take breaks, and break down the problem into as many components as possible, then slowly piece it together.

Try to break the problems down into smaller and smaller problems, then focus on one small problem at a time. It’s hard but the more you learn the easier it gets :slight_smile:

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