Do I need Youtube and Online Training

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I just stumbled across FreeCodeCamp and discovered they offer both the certifications via their website and content via their YouTube channel. My question: should I use the YouTube videos in conjunction with the website, or are the website certifications sufficient? Thanks!

the freeCodeCamp curriculum can be a guideline, it can give some basics in each topic, but you may find that you need extra material for some things, or want to research more details on something, and at that point the youtube channel can be something where to look, or just google the topic, you will find a lot of stuff

having a linear sequence of topics to follow can keep you on the way, progressing, and avoid going down black hole after black hole of researching random topics

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you can’t really go wrong with using additional resources when you’re learning something new- especially if the thing you’re learning is complex like coding. if you really want to make the concepts you’re learning stick, reading articles, watching videos, and asking questions about it is extremely beneficial.

Just be aware of rabbit holes.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed if you start consuming too many resources at the same time. Make sure you do not unwillingly deviate (too much) from the current subject you are learning about.

It might go a little like this React > Build Tools > ESLint > Testing > GitHub Actions > CI > Linux > The Command Line > File Permissions > etc., etc. down the rabbit hole you go.


two great tools I go to besides the forums are: MDN Web Docs which helps you search for references on the most up to date elements of coding and what elements are obsolete and The W3C Markup Validation Service will let you copy and paste your code in and help find syntax errors that you may miss because you’ve been staring too long at the screen. I have yet to use youtube as it is hard to know what’s good and bad info. taking the classes was the best way for me to start and I started as a total nube to all things coding.

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