Do I really need 3 consoles (git, git shell, cmd)?

This might be completely stupid but I now have three consoles to work with, cmd (windows, that I use to deploy on surge), git shell (to create repos, push etc), and git (that I haven’t used yet because I can’t remember why it’s there and how it got there…).

Needless to say, half the time I just don’t understand where all my files are created, sometimes they seems to have two places at the time of creation etc, this will come later I suppose.

But do you all work with different consoles or is there a way I can do everything from one?

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Once you go Linux, you aren’t going back :nerd: (unless you are a gamer or graphics/video editor).


In Windows 10, can you do everything from the new bash shell?

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The only thing that stops me from installing Linux on my laptop is that there are many apps that I couldn’t make work (I’ve put Ubuntu on my old 10’’ and that’s not easy when you have to do Word documents for work - among other things).

Ha, and knowing myself it means that I’ll spend the week-end doing just that on my laptop…Linux here I come. (not Ubuntu, I know).

are you asking me? Because I don’t know…

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or normal) :smiley: :nerd:


Damn…it’s ok if I put Ubuntu, right? Ok now I don’t know why but I’m starting to have really strong feelings of anger. It’s fine, in my book it means I’m fighting back. :imp:

I think I must have been shouted at when confusing Ubuntu and Linux, hence my tiptoeing.
Ok, then, it will be for later this week I guess. Yeah, i’m going to get myself a new crap-ton!

I tried it once before, Ubuntu I think it was. It was orange anyway. I must admit I hated it because I had no idea what I was doing to get things installed. Obviously I wasn’t a wannabe programming god back then tho.

Well I’m a complete redhead when it comes to…everything, so I usually push until I find a f**** way.
And oh my… @P1xt, root beer is not fine at all, not fine at all! Oh. A helpful metaphore, I get it, thank you!

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I thought Git might get in the way. (Or git in the way, if you will.) That’s unfortunate. I haven’t used Git since the linux bash shell was added to Windows, so I hadn’t investigated. Bummer. On the plus side regarding consoles, lots of IDEs have Git integration so you don’t need to use the CLI much.

windows errors


Get conemu for Windows

Ignore the other terminals

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I can use git commands in the regular Windows 10 command terminal just fine… I haven’t switched to linux yet, because I haven’t found anything I can’t do in cmd or powershell.


Anyone who’s stuck with Windows (for whatever reason) should have a look at CMDER. It’s a portable console emulator that wraps up conemu (as mentioned by @pnahratow) with some other stuff that barely brings the Windows CLI experience up to par.

+1 for Linux, though. With Snaps, s**t is about to get real, and the desktop environments have come much farther in the past decade than any of the other OSes.


Really nice one! :thumbsup:

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I just got sick of the constant updates on Windows, so kicked it off my laptop for good.

Just got my new work computer yesterday…Windows. They made us boot it up in the induction session and I had to sit through 15 mins of system updates before I could log on.

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I installed Ubuntu (Linux) on my windows computer, but I have the option to switch to Windows at startup. I rarely go on Windows now. For programming, it’s so much faster and more convenient.

You know, for all the ragging that Windows gets about its updates, I could actually say the same thing about (Ubuntu) Linux. I find Linux actually more aggravating because the updates are far more frequent—ok well not OS-specific updates per se, but the near-daily barrage of updates for other things on the system. Sometimes I wish the Linux open-source community was a little less active, does every little thing need to be patched on a near-daily basis? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like running both Linux and Windows because while I’m very comfortable with a CLI (from basically growing up when MS-DOS was still the rage), I also grew up with Windows since 3.1 and will probably never shake it off. Too many programs I’ve gotten used to playing around with over the years, and I still like to play games once in a while too (but not very often, the last one I got was Crysis which is a fair bit old now).

I think the main difference is that I can choose when to update Linux though - Windows locks me out until it decides it’s good and ready :slight_smile: