Setting up portable dev on a Surface Pro

I purchased a surface pro 3 about a year ago as a possible travel computer, but have yet to ditch my mac when I got o a coffee shop or on a trip. I just dug out the surface and started to look into setting it up as a dev environment.

I downloaded node and sublime. Seems i’ll need git, but then read this thread:

Looks like there are a lot of optionsfor CLI usage, which I prefer over using teh IDE.

Also anyone programming in React on windows 10 and what do I need to know about using Command line tools like create react app?

Thanks for any tips

I really like cmder for terminal emulation. It’s got an option for a drop-down terminal window and it’s open source :kissing_heart:

I haven’t tried it yet, but Bash on Windows might give you the terminal of your dreams - only available on current, updated versions of Win 10.

Windows is alright, if you have problems, you can always just run linux in a virtual machine:

i’m trying to avoid a VM since there is not a lot of memory/HD space on this machine, trying to go as light as possible. If I need linux I’d prefer to have it be a dedicated machine.