Environment on my PC

How should I commit to github? I guess I should use a certain shell on my pc. Which one?

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I feel like I should write up a simple 101 blog post on how to set up Windows computer for a basic dev environment.

What I would suggest you start with is really simple - download and install git for windows https://git-scm.com/download/win. And use the Git Bash. I think it will get you up and running. Once you do that, follow a GitHub guide to set up the configurations: https://help.github.com/articles/set-up-git/#platform-windows

Windows has also Bash on Windows, CMDER, Hyper and some other options for a nice terminal experience, but for the sake of simplicity I’d suggest using simple Git Bash. I wonder what others think?

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I would read such a blog post.


This might be jumping ahead to far, but once you get comfortable learning some basics of coding, using Git, etc., I would recommend you learn and work from a Linux OS.

If you have no idea what Linux is, I recommend you do a simple search or read this website.

After you brush up on what Linux is, you will want to test versions/flavors of Linux and choose the best suited for you. One that many beginners choose is called Ubuntu. You can also check out a large list from DistroWatch.

Finally, it’s time to start learning the command line. Here is a nice tutorial to get you started.

Reading some of the links that I mentioned, you can begin to see how powerful Linux can be.

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If you don’t like linux for general usage, I understand. I have a Windows 10 PC with an Ubuntu dual boot that I use strictly for development. Windows is a great OS, but the command line environment leaves much to be desired… like when I spent two days trying to get a problem in npm to work… I switched to linux and got it working in 2 seconds :unamused:

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This should get you started -

Thanks everyone! I doubt it I can add Linux to my existing windows 10 computer :frowning: