Do you look at website page source and question the code?

The reason I am asking is that I was thinking to create a website for a local Italian restaurant in my town. If you want to look at it then here’s the link -
It is very basic, static site and I feel like I can make it a lot, lot better. But looking at their page source of the site it doesn’t make any sense? Like there’s 5000 lines of code for that site? any there are a lot of other issues in the page source, have a look if you want.
Anyway, after watching this tutorial (sorry another link, ) I feel like I can do the local restaurant site similar to the YouTube video but with my own ideas and potentially theirs. I just want to get more into CSS grid, animations, responsive, SEO, etc.
What do you all think?
Sorry for the links.

The page was created with Wix, so the output isn’t meant to be edited or even readable. There are certainly some issues with the page (the scrollbar on the logo is particularly bad), but you’re going to want to at least compete with the existing value of Wix, which means making the site user-editable to some degree. They won’t want to have to run to the designer every time they change their menu, for instance. You probably don’t have to give them a full-blown design tool like Wix though – it might be as simple as you saying “if you email me an image and where you want it, I guarantee it’ll be up within 24 hours”.

That site almost certainly fails the EU accessibility requirements (even post-Brexit, I imagine they’ll still be in effect) so one value proposition you could add would be to make a proper html version of the menu rather than just images.

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