Do you want to join a group?

Dear fellow FCC developers

I would like to form a group of FCC developers. I was thinking of building projects together, as we go along with the curriculum. We can make some of the official FCC projects and make some of our ideas come to life. We need to bring our newly acquired knowledge to use. I think the most important part is that we could learn together and challenge ourselves and each other. A bonus would be to learn how to work together on projects as a team. Divide tasks, combine work, and share knowledge.

I spend around 15-25 hours a week learning to program. I have some experience in HTML, CSS, JS, and Python. I have recently completed “Responsive Web Design” and “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures” from the FCC curriculum, which I enjoyed a lot.

I was thinking about forming a group of two or three people.

I am currently studying Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as a one-year turbo study that gives me access to study Software Technology Engineering in February 2022.

So who are you? I hope you are a dedicated person like me. You don’t have to know much about programming, but some of the basic stuff from the curriculum would be nice to know, so we could jump straight into building projects. So basic HTML, CSS, and JS.

It would be perfect to be able to program/study together around the same time, at least a couple of hours together each week. I typically do programming in the evening from around 7 pm until midnight (CET).

A bit about me. 38 years old, live in Denmark, married, and have two kids (5 and 9).

I am planning to use Meet/Skype, combined with Slack (for chat) and maybe GIT for our projects. But let us talk about that when we have a group.

If you are interested, then please leave me a personal message.

Happy Coding, and a big thanks to FCC!

Anders - Denmark


Hello anderskl.

I’m trying to learn programming for a loooooong time. And i just can’t. Because i dont have any friends to talk and discuss about it. And i hate the way web become. I know basics of html and css, also a digital designer and have 10 free hours every day. I live in Turkey. I love Tim Berners Lee, Dennis Ritchie, John Gilmore, Aaron Swartz and all the people who really cared people and made technology for the world. I also do not think that someone can write great programs without math. It just doesnt make sense to me. Because of that, i really learn so hard. Cuz when i start to learn html for instance, i find myself on searching “how internet works?” “what is darpa?” etc. i need to know the things of things (like elements and atoms) to really “know” something. I dont know how to explain myself here more with my poor english to you. But im sure you can understand after a 10 min video call…

i really, really need a friend. i have really great ideas, but i just cant run them without programming skills.

im 29, live in Istanbul, have a really simple life and lots of time. I just feel like i can do anything if i had a friend. in turkey people just want to make money. I want to solve real problems. Like deafness. I have a project to solve it. And it really can!


Thank you so much.

The freeCodeCamp forums are indexed by Google, so I have removed your contact information for your privacy. Other users can direct message you if you want to share your contact information privately.

Thank you. I could’nt find a way to send a dm to him actually. Because im a newbie i guess.

Hi lesozgur

Thank you for replying to my post. I have already gotten a few replies, and we have formed a little group on Slack. You are more than welcome to join us, and be a part of the team.

I don’t fully agree with you about needing Maths for creating great programs. It really depends on what you want to build and at what level. Let us take the discussion on Slack. I am sure, that a lot of the other members have some interesting points as well.

Hope you will join :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening.

Anders - Denmark

I’d love to hop on board if there’s room!