Looking for peers to learn web development together

Hello! Aspiring full-stack-developer…fairly new to programming. Been interested in it for a minute, but just recently started to really dive in to the thing, and as I’m progressing I’m coming to see that it would be much more beneficial for me to find some peeps so we can progress together! I’m very serious about this whole thing. I want to make a business out of this, (long term). So, if there is anyone else out there that is still fresh at web dev and looking for a homie hit me up! Just reply on here.

P.S. it would be ideal if we could get a whole little group together (5-10 passionate newbies) so we can learn together and become a powerhouse of sorts!


Hey, I’m restarting the journey to full stack developer. I’m interested in joining you if we can keep the group small (3-5). Let me know your ideas for pair programming, accountability, motivation, etc.

Let’s do this!!

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I am pretty new. I am interested but I am busy also. So I think pair programming would be good for me. I would like to bounce ideas off of another person or two or three. Let me know.

Hey, I’ve been wanting to fully follow through with my full stack developer journey, it’s been on and off for a while. Your idea sounds inspiring, I think that it would be motivating and fun to do this journey with a group of people

let me know!

Hey!! I am also interested in learning together. I am not completely new to web development, as i have been done the html and css in the past, and since last month have been redoing FCC from the beginning. Currently I am almost finish with basic javascript section, and might start the ES6 section today. I am planning to do this daily, and if you are in, then lets do it together. let me know!!

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Same here. Just started over from scratch and I’m in it for the long haul, looking to make progress on this daily.
I’d be in, just let me know

Nice, If you have a overall plan then we can build a house with a solid foundation. Thanks all looking forward to start.

Best regards.

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:raised_hand: I am new to FCC and would love to join your group

I am 2 weeks old in FCC and new to programming, I would like to be part of this group. Kindly add me

Woah. Getting a lot of replies on this thread and I’m thrilled! Just wanted to further elaborate on my vision for this specific group I’m forming…

.a small, group (no more than 7) of focused, passionate individuals dedicated to learning about programming. These people must be consistently learning and growing because we will be growing as a group.

. We will peer-review each others code, and also reach out to each other for feedback/help when needed.

.we will he pair programming and in the future eventually we can start building some serious projects together!

.we will motivate/inspire each other to keep grinding!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in. Please do PM me. I will be reaching out later today to those who are looking for what I’m looking for with this. Cheers :slight_smile:

please list your email if you’re interested. the groupchat is in google hangouts. so i will add you from there. again, cheers :slight_smile:

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Wow… I’m so happy to come across this thread. I’m newbie in programming too, right now I’ve gathered some knowledge on HTML and CSS though, I’m still trying to know about CSS.

I’ll love to follow up with you and others. Add me up on Hangouts with


I’m interested and I like this approach. However, I’m in Nigeria. I wish we could just be learning it in physical meet ups.

So you guys are going to share your ideas and get through FCC together?

That is a really good Idea. Never thought of it before.

I would like this. A whatsapp group won’t be a bad idea.

check your invitations my friend, you should see my invite :slight_smile:

we are in google hangouts. please drop your gmail if you’re interested, and i will add you to the chat

Don’t you think you should just create a message thread on FCC and invite all of the users to it?

I have a gmail account, but not a google hangout one. I’m only thirteen and my mom won’t let me create one, so if you are to chat about coding and insist me to make an account, I won’t join y’all, but if you use gmail or a freecodecamp coding chat thread, then yes; I will join you.

Hi if there is more space can you add me too, manshuk.karasaeva@gmail.com.

Right now i am learning javaScript and it’s pretty hard(((

hi am interested,let me when we are starting