Looking for a Study Partner (starting from the beginning)

Hi! I just started the FCC RWD courses a month or so ago but lost motivation. I think it might help me to find someone who is also pretty much starting from scratch just so I don’t get too intimidated. I imagine that we’d just be checking in with each other once a week on where we’re at.


I’m also looking for a study partner to keep me on track. I’m also very new

this is my situation, motivation is hard some times. We can have create a group for studies, telegram,discord,or just email ?
With focus in remember, maybe a github or other in colab?

Hello! I just joined in today and I’d very much like a coding partner. I have a really busy schedule and I don’t want to skip a day. It’d be cool to have a partner.

hey, I am just starting out as well. and yeah I think it would be cool to have a studdy buddy/ group where we check in once a week and maybe exchange like 5 things that has helped us stay interested. exchange podcasts or articles or tools …that sort of thing. perhaps start a discord

hi, I also just started learning to code and often lost in learning direction.
it would be great to learn together.