Looking for a Study Partner (starting from the beginning)

Hi! I just started the FCC RWD courses a month or so ago but lost motivation. I think it might help me to find someone who is also pretty much starting from scratch just so I don’t get too intimidated. I imagine that we’d just be checking in with each other once a week on where we’re at.


I’m also looking for a study partner to keep me on track. I’m also very new


this is my situation, motivation is hard some times. We can have create a group for studies, telegram,discord,or just email ?
With focus in remember, maybe a github or other in colab?


Hello! I just joined in today and I’d very much like a coding partner. I have a really busy schedule and I don’t want to skip a day. It’d be cool to have a partner.


hey, I am just starting out as well. and yeah I think it would be cool to have a studdy buddy/ group where we check in once a week and maybe exchange like 5 things that has helped us stay interested. exchange podcasts or articles or tools …that sort of thing. perhaps start a discord


hi, I also just started learning to code and often lost in learning direction.
it would be great to learn together.


Hello Shammah, I’m Daniel and i’m literally realizing the FCC community, well i only searched today, and i searched because i’m looking for a study partner aswell, let me know if you’re still interested. i Haven’t figured out how’d get forum notifications yet, but incase i miss it here’s my Whatsapp Details:+2349067043987

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not heard from colab. Whats about mastadon? e.g.? Mastodon or element.io? As developers we may like opensource stuff.
like: https://matrix.to/#/#freeCodeCamp:tchncs.de

was not able to find you there. btw i have also often some difficulties using WA in Linux (and i prefer openSource stuff=

Hello Daniel!
Apologies for the late response. I’ve been swamped with work, life and just trying to sort out some time for tech. I’ve been on a break for a while now due to my schedule but, I’m looking to kickstart soon. I don’t mind squeezing in some time during my breaks at work as long as I stay consistent.

I’m still on HTML/CSS so, if we’re kind of on the same path and if you’re up for it, then, it’d be great to have a study partner. I’ll send you a message on WhatsApp via the number provided so we could talk better.

I hope you’re still up for it.

Losing motivation in programming is something that happens to many developers at some point in their careers.
Consistency can have a significant impact on your skill and success in programming, as well as any other discipline.

i will also want to study with you guys
i will like to join you guys i’m on Documentation project

Just started 3 days ago on the curriculum. Currently on Responsive Web Design on Step 32. I have no prior coding knowledge but am determined to learning little by little everyday. Nice to meet everyone here and totally down to learn with everyone.

Hello everyone :wave::grin:
I had just signed up, no prior knowledge of coding, but very interested in learning (in future hopes/ goal to break into the tech industry). If anyone would wanna link and be study buddies or form a study group (if anyone is on a Discord group or would like to create one together) it would be awesome! Pls don’t hesitate to reach out/ msg.

Wishing ya’ll the best throughout your coding journey! Cheers!

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Anyone still looking for a partner?
I started last week. I am motivated by the way. I am currently doing the survey project of “Responsive Web Design”


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