Documentation of HTML and CSS

I wanted to ask about HTML and CSS documentation.

Is this website below considered:
“Read Documentation”
by the information it provides or just like another article providing basic information of HTML and CSS

From what I’ve seen many people who are more experienced than me always encourage people to read documentation

MDN web doc is pretty thorough in their documentations. I sometimes even prefer them over w3schools as they give adequate examples, usage and accessibility concerns.

Which part of the HTML-CSS documentation are you looking for?

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MDN web doc is pretty boiled down to someone like me. However, fi you really want to get into the nitty gritty technicalities, there is always the W3C specification website detailing the standards that get put into the HTML language, and the upcoming drafts of what might be supoprted or dropped in the future HTML version.

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I just need the basic and usually people phrasing read documentation if we are learning a language so I wonder if this source count as “documentation” like people recommended to read or just another summary of html and css.

I am not sure what I am looking for maybe just the general information like

  • When is for element is being used
  • When is id element is being used

and so on

That should be described pretty well in MDN Web docs. Try looking for a specific keyword instead of an article/tutorial page on the MDN web docs.

For your first example I would go straight to the for attribute in label for example:

Here is the official documentation about the standard of the label element, which is more technical

As you can see the link on the bottom is harder to understand. So i tend to use MDN web docs.

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Cool, thank you!

One more thing. If people told you to read documentation about JavaScript

Is this what it looks like?

Also from MDN Web docs haha

A documentation should containt EVERY keyword, from label, tokens, names, syntax, grammar, et cetera.

If its already a boiled down step-by-step, it is more like a tutorial article, or a course.

From the example that you gave, in the sidebar it says “Chapters” and “Lessons” so I feel like its more to a course than a documentation.

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Alright, thanks for the information.

Have a good day mate!

Do keep in mind that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t skip over courses or lessons.

Lessons and courses are made so that you already get the most boiled down information that is ready to be used. It is written using another person’s point of view to make what is the fastest way for you to learn from start until beginning.

A documentation in the other hand, is a page to document every single thing in a language/all/library/framework. How it is used, and what are the specifications etc. It is more like a engineer’s manual guide combined with a thesaurus.

That is how i think documentation differs from lesson or courses.

Since HTML is made from an organization and individuals and not based on a company, multiple people have made documentaries that tries to explain its best use, concerns and the structure of the documentation on their own.

So here are few preferences of “documentations” that i recommend due to its ease of use:

and the OG specification documents:

However, these are just my opinion. You can (or must) pick the right source of information that suits your style to get the information you are looking for. There are a lot out there.

Hope this clears out your confusion

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This is more than enough. Would take months only to digest it. lol.

But thanks man. Appreciate all the extra miles!

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