Does design have a role in your Portfolio Project workflow?

When I came freecodecamp I had some understanding of the design role in a project. I was curious, though. Should I be worrying about the design of my portfolio at all? I feel like, as a full-stack developer, I should have knowledge of design as well.

My question is, what role, if any, did design planning, brand planning, user design come into play during your project?

Did you consider it upfront and plan what you were wanting to make, make the basic structure and not worry about it until after? How much did you consider? Graphic elements at all?

For instance, I am planning layout, color scheme, branding elements and layout before I really sit down and mark it up.

I’d love to hear how other people’s workflow compared.

If you’re talking about UI/UX design, then no, it’s not part of your job as a full stack developer. It’s, well, a designer’s job. A developer is not a designer nor are they expected to be so. Design requires an entirely different skill set.

With that said though, you’d surely want your own portfolio page to look at least decent, so what I did with my portfolio page is let my creative side take over while “designing” the page in order to try to make something that looks at least decent and is user-friendly.