Does FCC support C# or have a page for Unity or C#?

So before I started w/ JS and web languages, I was interested (and still intend to) work w/ Unity and C# because its so open and simple. I love it. But is there a page on the forum for C#? Or Unity?

Programming questions that don’t fit into #html-css, #javascript, or #python just go into the #general category on the forum.

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Yes I’m aware. But as far as I know, wasn’t my topic auto placed into general? That is what I saw. Guess not.

You asked if there was a specific part of the forum for C# or Unity. Posts related to those topics go into the #general category.

Okay I will move it/re post in the gen forum.

I’m confused. This post is already in the #general category.

You asked

The answer is:

No, there is no special page or category on the forum for C# or Unity. Instead, questions about those languages/frameworks go into #general.

Ohhh okay. Apologies. Now I know. Thanks Jeremy.

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