Does it make sense to make a website that contains front-end only for small local businesses?

I am thinking about doing some freelancing work.

I am pretty confident that I can do a decent one page , fully responsive site like this:

I mean if my clients are gonna be small businesses like local barber shop or restaurant, can I just build a front-end part and ship it to them?

I am planning to give them 2 options:

  1. front-end static site.
  2. wordpress site, front-end + back-end

If hypothetically I can do a static site and ship it, where do I host it?
Can I still get a custom domain to pair with it?

(sorry if this isn’t seemed professional, just wanna test some water here)

I am not really familiar with wordpress, so if I do my own website, I think I can make the page more prettier.

Hey there, as far as hosting goes, their are many options. Hostgator, Namecheap and Amazon just to name a few.

Most of the time, a small business is not going to know what to do with files you create and send to them. They are going to want you to help the host them somewhere.

Also, a business like a local barber shop or restaurant may want to have an appointment/reservation feature on the site. How would you handle that with only front-end?

I am located in China. Most of the time people scan QR code to do this kind of stuff.
I am thinking include a QR code at the end of the page then customers can contact the barbershop owner himself.
Add him on weChat or something.

Scanning a QR code will not create an appointment or a reservation. You would need to either work with a third-party api or create your own backend appointment/reservation system.

yeah. I am not going to. I think it is way easier to let them scan the QR code and add the owner on wechat, so that they can talk about appointments and stuff.

Also, I don’t think that nowadays leaves a land line phone number is a good decision isn’t it?

Remember, the client is the one who gets to make decision how they want their site to function. If the owner does not want to deal with webchat or extra phone calls from the web, the owner may prefer an appointment feature. Plus, many customers may expect the business to have the ability to schedule an appointment online, so they can get an appointment without having to talk to someone during business hours.

I see. That’s a solid point. I will think about it.

edit: the point I wanna make is that I am not familiar with backend stuff.
if that’s the case then I think i will make the site on wordpress.

I was just making sure you understand what might be expected from you by a client. If all the client wants is a simple site without features needing back-end technologies, then option #1 should work.

yeah. I know. Thanks for the heads up.
I will talk to the barber shop owner 1st.

Yes, It is make sense as with this idea we can connect to more customer’s.

Hostgator used to give decent hosting until they sold their business to Endurance International Group a few years ago. Once they moved all servers to Provo service has had many problems. Outages lasted for days (Not been happening so much lately) support not very good ( you will soon progress far enough that you know more than they do), altogether not a good choice for developers.
If you are using Wordpress then Siteground is an excellent choice. For most anything else, you can’t go wrong with Sectorlink.