Does learning Node.js has advantage in IT industry in near future?

Hi All,
I have been working on Node.js project for more than 1.5 years in QA(Quality Assurance/ Testing Team).
As Node.js interest me.And i want to pursue carrier ahead as Node.js developer.Should I really choose this technology or stick to obvious and standard JAVA programming.


I think you should learn what you find interesting. IMO the reality is there is going to be java and node jobs out there, so why not go after the node ones if you like node programming?

Also what kind of job environment are you interested in? I find Java jobs are more common within the enterprise/big business sector like (banks etc) whereas node might open different job options for you with various start ups, web dev shops etc.

(Also theres always time to learn both :grin:)

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Than it looks like i am in dilemma.Because i am loving Node.js/Javascript .But also want to work for big Organisations. :stuck_out_tongue: