Does the front-end web dev rabit hole never end?

At first there was backbone, ember and knockout, then there was angular and then there was react. After that was vue.js. At the same time, first there was grunt then there was gulp and then there was webpack. It feels like the front end web dev community changes tech stack every third week.

The web development landscape will continue to evolve with new products coming on-board, some old products dropping off, its to be expected, and looked forward to.

But you don’t have to keep switching. Find a workflow you like, one that works for you, and learn it in detail. Its good to read a bit about other products available, but certainly don’t attempt to learn everything. Once you have a good command of a full tool set ( be that for front-end, back-end, or full stack ) it will become obvious what should be the next new thing to learn. This is usually needs driven by what you are working on or asked to work on.

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I think in general you should just focus on improving your JavaScript skills and your general programming skills. Frameworks aren’t THAT hard to learn, but it’s pretty hard to be a master of Javascript / programming patterns.

It never ends. You won’t ever have to know all tools, libraries, frameworks, etc that are current, but you will always have to be learning something new.

Nope… never ending learning.

But you don’t have to learn ALL of them. Some of these tools do the same things, or have GUI or IDE plugin alternatives you can use.

Computer science as a whole works like a matryoshka doll, there are almost endless layers to go down to. You have to define what level of abstraction you want to focus on, or, if you want to master everything, you must do so in a logical progression order and deal with abstraction layers once again.

The same concept can be applied to web development, everything you listed are tools for the same job: vue, angular and react deal with front end web development, you will rarely use more than one at the same time. Gulp, grunt and webpack deal with automation, you will also not use more than one at the same time. And more important than that, learning one of these aspects of web development automatically makes you capable of using the other tools. If you learn angular and work with it a while, you will necessarily learn essential front end concepts, these concepts won’t change in React because both frameworks are just abstractions upon a web development foundation, the way JS/HTML/CSS works remains the same across any framework or library.

The point is that new technologies will always come, but they’re not necessarily new concepts. If you have web development experience, learning a new framework won’t take more than a few hours, because you already understand the underlying concepts behind it. As time passes, we have more bandwidth, more computational resources, more devices, and that allows us to do things that weren’t possible or thought of in the past, thus, we develop new technologies to fill those needs, but these technologies work on the exact same principles.

TL;DR: Yes, technologies change. But the foundation doesn’t.