Does WebDeveloper need non-web programming languages

I was wondering about whether a Web Developer needs non-web languages like C++ and Python, if yes why?

Python can be a web development language, in the back-end

if the front end is dominated by JavaScript, the backend has been only recently conquered by it, and there are many different languages used server side (Ruby, Python, Java etc)

it depends on what projects you will work on


Not every web developer needs traditionally “backend” languages like these, but some positions may require it.


It depends a bit on where you are in your journey. If you’re starting out, I would focus on the front-end if you’re still doing FCC things related to html/css/javascript. It helps to know how backends work at a high level, and languages like python, ruby, or php can help. You can use node js on the backend too if you’re learning JS. You will probably never use C++. But once you feel like you’re good on the front end, dabbling in the backend only increases your knowledge base.

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