Languages to know to become a web developer

I only started my first module in the FCC curriculum about two days ago.

Before I started, I spent a day (thankfully :slightly_smiling_face:) discovering career paths in the industry.

Along the way, I read a couple of articles that discussed career paths and use of various languages.

Then, I learned three things:

  • The job market for software developers is growing faster than average occupations.
  • Many employers pay more attention to developers’ experience (demonstrated by a portfolio or other means) more than to the level of education.
    *Web developers are greatly sought after with regional variance.

Actually, I learned three more things:

  • Front end developers work with visible parts of a website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are most commonly used.
  • Back end developers work with databases and infrastructures of a website. PHP, Ruby, and Python are most commonly used.
  • Full stack developers work with both the front and back end of a website. Some specialize in a single back end language

Additionally, full stack engineers have experience in project management and system administration.

Personally, I prefer Python to other back end languages because I am interested in AI and automation.

This short research helped me find the purpose of my learning, for now.


  • Do you know other languages web developers must know?
  • What supplementary work makes developers more competent?

If you know more or about other career paths such as mobile development, video game development, embedded system development, and so on (there are so many), please share your thoughts on them.

Bonus: Which area interests you the most?

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Video game
  • Embedded system
  • Desktop
  • Data science
  • Tools and Enterprise
  • Cloud
  • Automation
  • Entreprogramming

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I don’t believe the language matters most of the time. (Besides JS monopoly on the client-side)

Concepts like OOP, Functional programming, Reactive Programming, common design patterns, data structures, and algorithms always are required and apply across languages. It’s more important to know what a class is than how the class constructor works in a given language. (very much a generalization but you get the idea)

Out of the entire poll i’d say automation is hands down the most important to know at least some of. The whole point of developing software is automation at some level. You don’t want to create something that increases work, because its a waste of time and money. As such, automating your own work, other work, is the whole goal, and thus the most important point to learn and understand.

I’d also say soft-skills is important too, freelancing or working on a team you will have to communicate with other people. You can be the best engineer out there, but if you can’t communicate ideas your work will be going down the wrong path and waste everyone’s time haha.