Dreamweaver or nightmare?

I have to use Dreamweaver in a class coming up. I was wondering if it’s actually used in the professional world. It seems like it would be a good thing for non coders as well as small businesses. But is it something that is actually used? Is it a useful tool to have in the tool belt?

It’s falling out of favor I think, but still used. Learning it certainly won’t hurt anything.

Here is something you may find interesting and useful.

Integrated Development Environments (IDE) | Spring 2016

Just as a note, I’ve been using WebStorm for about a year and I give it all thumbs up. For a free package you cannot go wrong using Visual Studio. Dreamweaver has really fallen by the wayside…

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Personally, I never liked DreamWeaver. When I started college, I was required to use notepad for all of my coding. Someone pointed out DreamWeaver to me and I latched onto it eagerly (because, notepad). Once I found notepad++, I gave up on DreamWeaver because it turns out that even though its a very full featured IDE, its fairly horrible to use.

I’ve since switched to JetBrains (because students can get a licence for free) and as @rickstewart says, I give it full thumbs up. (WebStorm being JetBrains JavaScript IDE).

Try everything, you’ll eventually find something that suits your coding style.