Sublime vs VS vs Webstorm

Just a questions for those that have tried one or the other of these. What’s better in your opinion? I personally like sublime text 3. I’ve used that all throughout school, and only tried visual studio when I was taking c# classes. For sublime and vs I believe you have to download linters, but that webstorm already uses lingers. Which makes sense because I believe webstorm is free for a certain time, then you have to pay.

If you have tried these or even any other IDE. What do you think is better? What runs better? Or just feels more smooth?

It depends on what type of project you’re working on and you’re style. I use Sublime2 as a text editor and WebStorm or IntelliJ when I need a full IDE.

What do you pay for webstorm? I’ve met another individual who says that is what he mainly used. I like sublime text 3, and have been thinking about using its longer to make it more like a IDE. But I guess an actual IDE wouldn’t hurt

I get all the JetBrains products for free because I’m a student. There is a free version of their core product, IntelliJ, that is free but it’s primarily for Java development and isn’t specialized for web development like WebStorm is.
At work I’ve use IntilliJ Ultimate and WebStorm for web development, but some of my coworkers use VSCode and one or two use Atom.

I love sublime but VS Code is killing it right now. You install ES Lint and setup a simple dotfile to configure it, really easy and es lint has great docs/getting stated guides.

I really love how easy git works with vscode. I think it just works if you have git installed, I don’t remember having to set that up.

I like that I can just hit Ctrl+~ and I’m in the terminal too.

also you have the cool advantage of having a terminal session which is awesome, plus git support