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My name is Aman and I’m a Bcom. Hons. Graduated and I’ve 2 years of experience working in MNCs Eventually I started learning to code and Now I’ve left my job to learn coding full time Right now I’ve learned HTML, CSS, JS, React, and Bootstrap. Now I’m thinking about it. By starting DSA and Backend side by side. In the whole day, I can devote approx 10 to 12 hours a day. So, How should I learn DSA as there are not many resources available for DSA in JS? I’m thinking to start DSA in JAVA should I start DSA in Java? Also, this is a course that is available for DSA in JS -DSA with Python and JavaScript For FAANG Preparation Online. I think is a good course and the price is very good. Can You guys please suggest to me how should I learn DSA?

Data structures and algorithms are not tied to a specific language. All of those concepts can be applied to any programming language. (JavaScript, Java, C++, Python, etc.)

Most courses will focus on the core concept and then write out some pseudo code to help explain how the algorithms work before translating it into actual code.

If you don’t want to work with the Java syntax then you can choose a course that uses JavaScript or another programming language you feel comfortable with.

It is really important as you are practice data structures and algorithms, to focus on learning the common patterns and core concepts instead of trying to memorize a whole bunch of leetcode problems.

Chances are during the interview, you will come across a problem that you haven’t seen before but as you start to break it down you will start to notice some common patterns you have practiced in earlier problems.

The goal of the technical interview is for potential employers to see you problem solve.
As you are practicing, try to focus on talking through your thought process and explaining how you are going to solve the problem because you will need to do that during the actual interview.

As for sites for practicing DSA, leetcode, and codewars are popular choices.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for replying.
What I got from this is DSA is not language-specific and I can do it in any language. I’ve to focus on patterns that work under the hook rather than focusing on the syntax of the language.
Is that correct?

Yes that is correct.

Linked lists, Binary search trees, heaps, bubble sort, etc can be done in multiple programming languages.

The concepts are the exact same

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Sorry for replying so late.
But thank you so much for your help. It will help me a lot in my journey.
Once again Thank you!!!

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