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I am a CS/STEM/Business/EverythingElse teacher. I want to have my Middle School students use this! Can you adjust your sign in, for EDU and School Accounts, so they do not have to verify email addresses? If not, can I set up accounts for students? They could use the Google Single Sign In to log in,but under a certain age, they cannot verify email yet. Ideas? Suggestions?


Harvey Scribner

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How old are the students? 13 and above can get normal Gmail accounts, under 13 can have them set up by parents, but this requires parental cooperation and a nominal 30-cent fee that’s donated to charity.

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We have strict rules about students using private email in our building. As such, we do run a GAFE server, and every student has access. They cannot receive email outside our server though, and could use a Single-Sign on without verification though. Just a thing here. Other schools I have been at, I have had them create their own gmail addresses in a standard format for use in school only. Thanks

If your students are under 13, FCC asks that they do not create accounts. No account is required to access any of FCC’s content. The only inconvenience is that their solutions will not be saved, but hopefully this is an opportunity to teach your students about development environments and version control.

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As Ariel said we do not allow campers under 13 years old to have a freeCodeCamp Account.

If you have Google Apps your students could keep track in let’s say a word document or spreadsheet of which projects they’ve completed to avoid needing an account.

If your school is willing to provide you with server space you could potentially host an onsite copy of freeCodeCamp where account management and compliance management would be the school’s responsibility rather than freeCodeCamp’s responsibility. You could bypass the whole activation thing since you’d have full database access.

How could I get an copy that we could host? I can definitely get space. That would be awesome!


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I believe that the CONTRIBUTING docs include instructions for running your own local instance.

You can find the source code at and install, you’ll need node.js, npm, and mongodb. Follow the instructions at to setup your development copy. You might need to modify the source code to do things like disabling email activation and making it work over your LAN.

@QuincyLarson any advice for schools setting up their local copies for student privacy reasons?

@anon52159105 if the code is running locally in a computer lab, it shouldn’t communicate any information - such as email addresses - back to the freeCodeCamp server.

This said, it will have a Google Analytics tag, which would collect data and send it back to Google Analytics. So I would recommend removing that script completely. Our Google Analytics code is UA-55446531 so you’d just need to find and delete all instances of those scripts.

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Is there any way to create a locally running script that deletes code off of a website? If it was possible, it would be cool to try to make one open source!

EDIT: Repo is live, and it is my first chrome extension I have ever made! I already have some stuff working on it (removes “community” button, removes “menu” button), and I would love to have you check it out! @QuincyLarson also, what do you think of it?