ES6: Too much in too less

Hi, I got my RWD Certificate just a couple days back and now am into JavaScript, as the curriculum goes.
Since I started ES6, I’ve noticed the challenges are significantly harder and definitely not for a rookie. Words I’ve never come across are dropped here and there with not much explanation. Can’t understand what the test even wants me to do.
It has been hard.
I was wondering if I should skip ES6 for now and continue with the rest. Will that cause me problems in the curriculum later/early on.
If I must continue ES6, then could you please tell me where can I master ES6 enough before coming back here?

The curriculum itself, however well put, is not a full documentation of the things being taught. For an in-depth understanding we should always supplement this curriculum with sources of verified knowledge. :+1: For me, at this moment is the interactive book eloquent javascript, I’m planning on reading YDKJS series along the FCC curriculum as well, because reading other material on the same subject really widens my approach on doing things at hand. I am constantly amazed at how beneficial learning about the same thing from a different source is. Your understanding becomes wider and deeper. :slight_smile: So, I think that for your own sake, dig a bit deeper now, so you will have easier time later :slight_smile:

There are a lot of good resources online regarding es6, try these two: