Fastest Way To Be A Freelance Python Developer

What area can you learn within 4 months in Python after the basics that can fetch you money fast as a freelance Python developer?

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Waiting for answers since we on the same boat

Your can work as web developer using django or flask, there are lot of job opotunity to choose from but I think web is the fastest way to get pay with the level of your python experience.

I think it would be extremely difficult to gain enough knowledge and experience in 4 months, unless you already have a fair amount of programming experience.

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Thanks. I have been thinking about concentrating on Flask but never knew how fast one could get a job with it. How fast can one get a job with Flask knowledge?
And considering my python basics knowledge, within how many months can I be proficient in Flask?

Many thanks. What do you suggest I should learn in Python if I intend to extend my learning time?

It’s all depends on how fast and how well your able learn, but i think 3 months is ok, there is pretty decent amount of jobs available for developers who can use flask.

3 months is not a reasonable amount of time to spend learning before you expect to land a job.

It depends. If you know what type of development you want to do, you can start working on projects in that area. The really important thing is that you are building things. And I don’t mean following a tutorial and giving it a bit of flavor, but working on projects that take a lot of time and effort. You should have projects that you plan, research for, work on, make mistakes, learn to fix them, create something you’re excited about, and keep working to make it better.

A significant use of Python is automation. People write python scripts for things that they have to do frequently. One of the more popular free resources for learning python is even called Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.

You can also get involved in open source contributions. This seems super overwhelming at first, but gives you the experience of coming onto an existing project and working with a team. I always recommend trying to contribute to something that you actually use (it’s very hard to get invested otherwise). See if there are any tools or programs you like that are on GitHub and written in Python.


Thank you, ArielLeslie