How to learn python as a beginner

Hello friends,

I want to be a Python expert, but I have no prior knowledge of programming. Can I learn Python in 3 months?

Thanks in advance!

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You can use an online python editor, or download a code editor vscode on your computer.

Follow the w3school python tutorial to learn the basics of python.

It’s not so much the language that’s important to learn, but general programming concepts, such as variables, data-types, loops, functions, classes, etc. What you want to be is an expert in these concepts rather than the language itself.

If you practice everyday you will become familiar with python very quickly, but programming is a skill that takes years to become an expert.


Thank you @alkapwn3d! Can suggest to me, any course that provides live training, because I have to jump into the data science field after learning Python?

Maybe this one is the closest to live training without actually hiring a teacher. Most beginners don’t realize that most programming is self-directed learning that requires more patience and effort than they’ve ever given to anything in their life. Unless the person hiring you in 3 months is willing to take the time to train you from scratch, I’d be a little more patient about “jumping into data science” so soon.


Thank you so much @alkapwn3d! Hope this will work for me.

YT search " How to learn python as a beginner"

Few more tips

  1. Build as many projects till you feel ready for job application ( and upload to github on daily basis )

  2. Find out study / accountability partners while building projects