Programming Advise

Hi, please can you share an idea, opinion or advise for someone who is just learning how to code.

  1. Learning Python and using Automate The Boring Stuff, can you mention one or two sites/books/forum that will be of good help;


Learn Python The Hard Way
Dive Into Python

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Thanks, will look that up now. Appreciate

Definitely use Learn Python the Hard Way!

Also you can get 6-months free at Pluralsite and they have some great resources.

You the man, thanks … Looking them up right now

thanks , the 6 month free subscription is before 31st of December but can still get 3-months … Thanks , really nice of you.

Hey there. Though I know no python, I suggest you take a hands-on learning approach. First learn the basics of the language for a few days(2-3) using codecademy or learn python the hard way. After that, try building stuff! Project-based learning is amazing!