Fcc beta talk - ask questions here

It looks awesome.

Hate to be a stickler but, do u know when will it go live ?

As soon as it’s bug-free. The more people who help fix bugs (we’re open source and volunteer driven), the faster that will be. You can follow the issues to see what progress is being made.

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You guys just made me sad that I wasted 2 weeks learning JQUERY on Codecademy

Where are the projects? Have them be on Sublime text and full website projects too. WE NEED TO BE CHALLENGED

In every section.

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Don’t be sad. What you learned will be helpful. You may not always manipulate the DOM in the exact same way, but what you learned will transfer over and help you. And don’t get the idea that you are a dinosaur if you use jQuery. Sure, it’s not as popular and is declining, but it is still useful in certain instances, and knowing how to use it is helpful because a lot of code you see in other’s projects and on StackOverflow will be using it.



How come I cant sign in with my reg account. I had to make a new one, when can I use my oldie account

I love the new map tho. But where is Bootstrap 4?

The beta is a whole new website with a separate database. It is only for testing purposes. Your work on the beta will not be saved when everything gets finished. Your accounts, login, projects, everything are separate so there is no corruption between the two.

When the beta was started Bootstrap 4 wasn’t released. I believe it was just recently pulled out of alpha, and it takes time for us to update to the changes. Right now, our focus is fixing critical bugs so we can launch the beta website. Once the most important stuff is finished and the site is live, then we can focus on other tasks like updating to Bootstrap 4.

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The beta version of the curriculum is just a beta testing ground. It does not link up with your “real” FCC account. Any work that you do on beta will never be copied over to the database that your account lives on and your beta account will disappear when beta is taken down. Please see the main thread about beta for further information about how beta testing works.


Thats great! One quick question, are there tracks in which you can create an operating system with unix or mod Windows with powershell. I also renamed this topic to Beta talk

Oh that makes sense. That in fact shows me how a website is very limited without a back end.

FCC is still all about web development. There is nothing about developing an operating system.

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it should be a way to filter and assess whether or not the bugs or issues that are not real, I spent a bunch of time going through the FCC git and found several that are just raised by cheaters or people not willing to struggle.
what a waste of time…
sorry if I seem rude but it frustrated me a lot

That filtering and assessment is human-powered.

if you still use jQuery instead of a vanillaJS solution or a framework, you probably live in the Stone Age of web dev.

Or work somewhere with lots of legacy code :roll_eyes:

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I don’t know why people are so down on jQuery. Not every project needs a full framework, and why would I want to re-implement all the stuff that jQuery already does? There’s a nice middle ground between “I can do this with VanillaJS” and “We want to write one app for 3 platforms, split the code for our team of 25, and maintain it for 6 years”. jQuery is about 30kb after minification + gzip, and you can get that number down by customizing the file. It handles a lot of things that can make your life much easier, like global AJAX events, event delegation, and plugins. Learn to use it, and it will serve you well!


i just didn’t like OP’s attitude. felt a bit entitled.

That makes sense. JQuery can do a lot of stuff and make your life easier. Not everyone has the time to setup react, some devs want to save time.