fCC is not sending me a log in email

I have been trying to log in to fCC for a little over two hours. I try to log in with email and when it says to put in the OTP I can’t because I’m not getting the email. I’m using the only email I have. It sent me the email just now to make this forum account, but won’t send me the OTP. I’ve tried at least 10 times. I’ve checked spam and trash and forums and any other folder in my email. I have used this computer before, I logged in earlier this week.

I am having similar issues, too. I got the forum email (after checking my spam folder). I have not gotten any OTPs today and I have tried many times to login with email. In the the past, I have had OTPs take at least a few minutes to show up in my email inbox.

Hi, I’m having the same problem as well today (Friday July 31). I can’t log into my fCC account because I never receive a code. Hope they fix the problem soon

Thank you, for reporting this.

Please bare with us as we suss-out the issue.

Hi, I use to connect via email, getting a shortcode eachtime.
Since this morning i am not receiving any email from FCC. Anybody encoutering the same problem or am I the only one?

I have exactly the same problem, you’re not the only one

Thanks, will wait :slight_smile:

Same here. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Yes, facing the same issue here! I am not getting the OTP on my email. I have sent an email to support@freecodecamp.org. No reply yet. Hope they resolve this soon!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience while we investigate this. Chances are our service providers might be having an intermittent outage.

As a work around, you can use any of the other social providers to login to your account as long as they have the same email.

For example if your freeCodeCamp account email is: someone@example.com and you have the same email on any of the services like Google, Facebook or GitHub you will be logged into the your freeCodeCamp account.