OTP Email Not Arriving

Why is your login system for freecodecamp.org so flawed???

What is the issue you have with it?

It refuses to send me a code. Support claims it is being sent to my address… but I have checked my provider and I can assure you the the code is NEVER reaching my mail provider (Zoho Mail).

If support told you it is being sent, then I would believe them.
is it possible you mistyped your email?
Or is it possible your email program is storing the email in a weird place (you can check under All Mail folder?)
Or is it possible that your country firewall is preventing this email from arriving?

Finally, you can create an account on google or GitHub and use it to sign in as well so you should consider all of this,

It used to work, and there is no reason on my end for it to not work. Nothing on my end has changed. I am an I.T. security tech and know all to well about emails. Trust me when I tell you, the code is NEVER REACHING the mail provider, the same one that I have used all along!

Yes I have Google and Github, but under different email addresses so it won’t get me to MY account on this site… And no, I am not giving access to my other accounts.

If you are unable to get to a working result, then one other thing I would personally try is to create a throwaway account on google (so something you don’t mind sharing) then try to send it the code. If it works then you know that the fCC website is working (because it sent the code to your new email account).

Then I would contact support again and ask them to see if they can switch my progress from the old email to the new one.

If the first test with the throw away account also does not work, then I would let support know this additional information.

I am also living the same problem. it is not sending an OTP to my email. I tried another email in the same domain it worked but why it is not working on my email?
How will I use my email to login freecodecamp.org

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