FCC offline Error

I installed FCC according to github guide but when I am running this command it gives the following error((npm run develop)

Can you check the debug file and maybe show it to us.

Hello there,

You have made a typo:

@Sky020, he ran the code twice, the first one was a typo but the second one was right.

You are absolutely right! Thank you, for correcting me.

@h.tarakai12, I apologise, I have corrected my post.

It says on the prompt, that it can’t find the package.json. Did you run it on the right Directory?

To add to what Catalactics said:

It is likely you will need to cd into the freeCodeCamp directory, before being able to run the npm command.

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Yes I run it from write directory,
npm run seed
npm run develop
When I run these 2 commands the same error happen
If you provide me an article or link that I look to that and run FCC offline