FCC Offline errors

I tried to set FCC offline and I faced this error .

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I don’t know which instructions you used,
but from the error it seems the nodemon package is missing.

Did you run npm install in the directory to install all packages?

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Nice 2 meet u 2! yes I did! here is the instruction link
here is the link I used.

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Just for future use, the docs are hosted here: Introduction (freecodecamp.org)

It is also important to make sure the npm ci step is successful. Can you see any errors, when running this step?

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npm ci was successful! that’s why I am here! I know it is hosted but I try to fix it for poor students who does not have internet connection in south Asia

Would you mind sharing more of the logs? We will need as much information as possible to help.

Also, to help please share the logs formatting them with:

Logs can go here