FreeCodeCamp Offline Installation Issue


I need help, please. I recently followed the Offline FreeCodeCamp Installation guide provided on the FCC Github page. I followed all the instructions but the server is not displaying anything at localhost:8000. Please what should I do?

I ran the following commands:

pnpm i run seed
pnpm i run develop

(Note: FreeCodeCamp staff guided me add “i” because he said they are working on a migration from npm to pnpm)

I don’t know if I am using the old port number, or I need to install additional packages.

Thank you so much.

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Hello there,

pnpm and npm are very similar. You should not add i before the run command.

First, go through the steps in order:

  1. pnpm i
  2. pnpm run seed
  3. pnpm run develop

Do not continue to the next step unless the previous step succeeded.

Hope this helps

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Hello there,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have ran the commands in order but errors were displayed as shown below:

Thank you so much.

So, pnpm i is failing. It is likely:
a) An issue with your Nodejs installation
b) An incompatibility with Windows and sentry-cli

I would start debugging from there.

Okay, thank you so much. I have reinstalled Nodejs but the errors displayed again.

We do not support native installation on Windows, please use WSL on Windows, or consider using our 1-click GitPod-based setup.

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