fCC Personal Portfolio - Feedback Please - mobile advice

I’m digging my portfolio but I can’t get it to work on mobile.

It looks ok in the inspector when I shrink it to mobile but I cant get it to work on actual mobile devices. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I read through some comments about this on the forum but don’t understand completely.

Also wondering if I could do anything more efficiently in my code.

Thanks much,

Great work dear. Nice and pleasant UI… Though the menu gets mixed with the web text in a mobile version

This is a great start!

A couple of things I noticed are:

  • The not all of the nav links seemed to go some place on the page. Specifically the ‘contact me’ link didn’t jump down to that section of your page.
  • The descriptive words under “¡Bienvenidos!”, while nicely descriptive were responding as if they were links, but that also didn’t go anywhere.

I was viewing the page in Firefox 67.0a1.

But the layout and visual language was really nice, this little extra polish will help the functionality meet up with the design. :wink: Good on ya!

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Gracias. I fixed the links in the header and took away the hover effect on descriptive words.

Gracias. I put a background on the nav for mobile.

/* High fives @Ohia.Bruja */

Looking really good! The changes are really helping high light the thoughtfulness in your design. Good on ya!