FCC Product Landing page feedback


I just finished up my product landing page.

I would much appreciate it if you could take a look and give some feedback.

I would suggest fixing and imporving your font and font size. Look up examples.

Go through and style everything, have detail.

Bring the products close together. The reader should see a lot of the content in the center of the screen rather than looking across from one end to another.

Your color palette is great for a website that’s about honey, but I wanted to point out that your navbar is only ever-so-slightly different in shade from your main section’s background color, and it’s distracting – there needs to be more contrast there.

As stated above, the font you are using could be changed. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with it, it’s just outdated and not commonly used in modern-day websites. Google Fonts is a fantastic resource for some free modern fonts.

In your “Why Us” section, the text beneath the label (the bulleted unordered list) spans the entire width of the page and isn’t spaced very well. It should be put in a div with a max-width that will bring it all closer to the center, and give the text some padding so it isn’t so condensed.

Everything else looks great :slight_smile: Although I’m not seeing any pictures on my end, and it looks like the user above had pictures in his screenshot so I’m not sure what kind of issue that would be or if you simply removed your images.

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