Fcc-survey form

Hello,I have completed my survey form.give me feedback , suggestions

Hi, @chandu11
Good news is that your page passes all tests, the bad one is that there are many issues both on desktop and on mobile.

  • background image is stretched a lot, which is not attractive
  • it’s hard to read top header and paragraph at the top on this background
  • header is centered, but form’s horizontal position is fixed by its left margin, so when I change the width of the window all elements behave strangely
  • because of this margin-left I can see nothing on mobile, only background. The form is somewhere aside…

You have a lot of work to do, check your result on different screen sizes, use the browser developer tools and you’ll get the nice page. Good luck!

You don’t want to try and center elements manually by pushing them using margin like you are. Replace margin-left: 400px; with margin: 0 auto;

Thank you for giving feedback, I will change the mistakes

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I have made some changes in my project now.

please give me feedback, If there are mistakes.