FCC - Survey Feedback


I’d love to hear any constructive feedback for my FCC survey. I know it’s pretty basic, but I wanted to spend a little time on some JavaScript at the cost of spending more time playing around with CSS.

I hope that I managed to make it responsive enough.

Codepen: https://codepen.io/mischelsk/pen/omxeLW


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At a quick glance, the only thing I might suggest is that you change the LAST td a little, the one containing the submit button?

  • give it a colspan=2 attribute, doing that will make that one cell fill the entire bottom row of the table;
  • give it a style text-align: center; to move the submit button to be centered on the form.

Also, for the sake of consistency (not that it will impact much, just my OCD kicking up), you use a footer tag to contain the footer content, why not wrap the h1 and the descriptive paragraph in a header tag? Not a must, simply a consistent thing.

Other than that, again at a quick glance, very clean and neat. Well done! And have you tested it with the FCC tests yet?

Could use setting a max-width for your inputs to keep them from spilling out on mobile,
also use a media query so the main form body is not as wide on full screen

Thanks, both for the feedback and the suggestions, I tried to build them in.

@snowmonkey, yes I di already test it and it passed the tests.

@ChrisCline1138, what max-width do you think would work? I went with 120px for screens below 400px and while it works on my phone, it might not on some smaller phones. However if I go any smaller it doesn’t look very neat - i.e. you can barely see the placeholder text. Perhaps I should go with smaller max-width as well as smaller font-size for smaller screens?

I also went with 50% for the form for screens over 900px, hopefully it looks better on full screen now.



that works, looks good
good job