FCC Technical Documentation Page FB please

Hello campers ,could you please give me your feedback about this little project ,
any feedback is apperciated.
also I have a question I don’t know why one user story does not pass when the screen is tight ,
despite that the user sotry condition is true ?

it looks nice.

when width is smaller like the screen of a cellphone the information section is smaller than the nav-bar making it difficult to read

It looks good and I really like the hover effect on the navigation menu links, both on the desktop and mobile views.
You should probably make the entire “button” clickable and not just the name.
The navigation links on the desktop view do not scroll when the screen size is reduced vertically.
I would make the navigation menu on the mobile view with about two or three links viewable on the screen and then just add scrolling to see the rest.


The test runs fine. Just make the window wider when you run the test. It fails when you run on a smaller window

Thank you for the notice , I change the padding of (a) tag and now it looks better .

Thanks man ,it is really good idea ,I did not make it because the navigation menu has only 5 items ,it is not a long list .

Yeah I noticed that , also free code camp projects is failling on small screen , so I passed it as a finished project.