Feedback about portfolio

Please review my portfolio page. Greatly appreciate all your time.

I have built the web page from scratch using Bootstrap and some custom CSS.

  1. Made it responsive.
  2. added media queries to handle it well in phone, tab and small desktops.
  3. Bad: for large screens the image gets pretty strectched out, i am still wondering on what to do here.

Below is the link to view the web page.

Seems as though there is some whitespace on the right side of the page?

I didnt realize it… Thanks for pointing out…

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes…

1 For scroll function, i used Jquery, but then i hated to install a library just for the sake of two functions. I should use javascript scroll to function and perform navbar operations. I will do it.
2. Mobile i tested across multiple devices Iphone 5, iphone 6, 6plus, nexus 6p and stuff…The resolution in your image too seems to be beyond phone specs. Can you tell me which phone did you use ?

I really appreciate the time you took. Thanks