Finnished my Portfolio Page - Feedback please =)


I just finneshed my Portfolio Page. I hope you enjoy it

<a href=“ target=”_blank">Yago Sampaio’s Portfolio Page


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Hi, I like the nice clean design on a screen that it fits on, but it doesn’t respond for smaller screens.



Thank you for the feedback!

I’ll try to rebuild it soon! :wink:

Probably no need to rebuild, revisit bootstrap.and you could probably retrofit it.

Black and white is hard to make a mistake with but you should try dabble in with some colors, make mistakes and learn which colors work.

Also, use google chrome devtools mobile mode responsive, resize it to check how your site works on tablets, phones, super tiny phones etc.

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I will add to that, services like Adobe color are good for noobs like me/us, they help you to choose complimentary colours.