Feedback - "Build a Portfolio Page"

Hello everyone.

I finished my portfolio project and I’m really happy with the results, and I’d like to share it with you for opinions, etc.
I used several libraries on this project and I think some of them don’t work on CodePen (since I’ve made it on the desktop, to send to Github), so I’d check of Github before.

CodePen link:
GitHub link (I recommend this one):

The animated background at the landing page is wonderful, and the overall design is neat and to the point. The images are not good though. At least on my machine, they haven’t maintained their proportions, so they look stretched. Besides that, it’s not very clear what exactly you’re looking at. Overall, you should be happy with the results, but if you were looking for a good next step - work on those images.

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Excellent job :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your opinions. They’ve helped me a lot to understand what I could improve on my portfolio.

I think I solved the problem with the images. Instead of using columns to organize them as I did, I’m now using Bootstrap’s Carousel, which helps me a lot and makes it way more beautiful.

I also made the landing page’s text look smaller due to some problems with responsivity. It’s know more or less responsive and that’s great.

All the changes are on my GitHub.


Wow - I love it, especially the animated background! Very cool and creative!:+1:

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